Our physical body is affected by our energetic environment, emotions, cellular memory, past stressors and traumas. Bio-energetic testing and voice analysis with the AO scan by Solex reveals things that are physical, emotional and spiritual stressors for us. These tools also help the body balance and regulate itself with music, light, color therapy, and frequencies in direct application. Learn more about this technology: Solex technology

Things that can cause dis-ease might include environmental toxins, trapped emotions, cellular memories, allergens, poor dietary choices, etc.

As a Root Cause Protocol Consultant,  (The Root Cause Protocol) I’m here to help you move forward.  In addition to the bioenergetic testing, we also recommend and evaluate bloodwork The Full Monty at Ulta Labs and hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA).  Please contact me for more information and to schedule a complementary 15 minute get-acquainted session.

"The RCP is a step-by-step protocol designed to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress at the cellular level. By restoring balance to the key minerals in your body, e.g. magnesium, copper and iron, you can optimize and increase your energy levels and vitality”