My consultations for members of the Grace Full Wellness PMA include bioenergetic assessment with the AO Scan, discussion of symptoms and concerns plus personalized strategies using lifestyle, supplements, and specialized tools to correct your problem areas. I also offer blood testing and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for the more traditional client.

Our consultation will focus on the beginning and source of your symptoms, and the necessary changes to rebalance your minerals, based on the root cause protocol. We will work together to make healthy choices so you can take responsibility for your own healing. This includes better whole food choices and natural solutions to help support a healthy mind and body including frequencies, color and music therapy, special therapies, biomagnetism, custom homeopathics, herbs, minerals, vitamins and essential oils.

Spiritual and emotional support is also available if desired (from a Christian perspective) I do not diagnose diseases, as I believe they are just names given to categorize symptoms and assign pharmaceuticals for “treatment” I don’t treat diseases either, but help you find the root cause and allow your body to make its own repairs.

Other in-office services include:

BEMERTM vascular therapy:
the 8 minute secret -

Sessions are $35 or 10 for $250. Williston location available for all in-office services.

Please contact Amanda for a complimentary BEMER session.

Initial consultation: $175 (2-hours)

Follow up consultations are $90 per hour (suggested at 4-6 weeks following first visit)

Blood Testing with Ulta Labs varies Discounted lab services with results delivered to you privately.  I can review them for you from a functional perspective.

Additional Products

Stem Cell Activation Patches
No drugs, no supplements, just your body’s own light.

Naturally reactivate your body’s own ability to create stem cells that rebuild and repair your aging, damaged, stressed or inflamed cells.

A natural body scanner like echolocation: high-frequency sounds targeted to the body and their echoes interpreted to determine the response of objects. Echolocation, also called bio sonar, is a biological sonar used by several animal species including dolphins.

Amanda Grace - Grace Full Wellness | AO Scanner Body Analyzer

The  highest quality essential oils from the company who cares.

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