About Amanda

Amanda Grace - Gracefull WellnessAmanda is a mother of adult triplets with a varied background in arts and sciences.

Growing up on a farm with an exposure to herbs, and natural forms of health care inspired an appreciation for animal science, nature and balance. College, however, opened doors to new talent discoveries. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in music (Hood College) and pursuing a career in Opera, Musical Theatre, and Music Education, she was blessed with triplets. 10 years of infertility led her to a seemingly incongruous combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Boston IVF, which resulted in the long-desired pregnancy.

Homeschooling the children became a top priority as well as exposing them to the opportunities provided by farm life and 4-H. Searching for pathways to optimal health and nutrition led her to a short study of homeopathy with Joette Calabrese.  Her ongoing study of diet, aromatherapy, organic gardening, herbs, and sustainable farming practices were outgrowths of the pursuit of health for herself, her sheep, horses, and her family.

In 2013, Amanda was introduced to essential oils and found a whole new box of tools to manage health complaints and minor issues at home with just natural options. When the children graduated from high school, Amanda found more time to devote to teaching others about essential oils and their many uses.

Other doors were opened for her to attend Trinity School of Natural Health and receive her Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) certificate and Naturopathic Doctorate. Since she began her practice in April 2015, Dr. Grace has received training in “Aromatouch technique”, homeopathy, food and nutraceuticals, flower essences , Iridology, “Neuroendocrine and anti-aging” (NEAR), and tongue and fingernail analysis.

In 2018, she completed her level II Detoxification Specialist and Clinical Iridologist training with Dr. Robert Morse at the International School of Regenerative Detoxification. Recently she was granted certification as a Root Cause Protocol Consultant (RCPC), training under Morley Robbins.  She is continuing her studies into  “Electroceuticals” , specifically BEMER therapy and AO Scan (SOLEX) technology.

Amanda is currently accepting new clients in her health consulting practice in Williston Florida and by zoom remotely.