The 90-Day Reset


Activate your stem cells​

Stem Cell Activation Patches​

The first product ever, designed in the form of a small patch, that activates YOUR BODY'S OWN stem cells to naturally heal and reverse aging of your body!.

Introducing the LifeWave X39 patch.
A historic breakthrough in affordable stem cell activation technology.

Experience a new level of vitality with improvements to your energy, sleep, reduction in pain, reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and support of faster wound healing, just to name a few of the benefits.

The problem.

By age 35, you have lost over half of your Stem Cell activity and by age 60,
you will lose almost all of your Stem Cell activity.​


Stem Cells are the repair cells of your body. The LESS Stem Cell activity you have - the Faster you Age and the Slower You Heal.​


A recent major scientific breakthrough in Stem Cell Technology activates your own stem cells and resets them to a younger, healthier state


It costs less than a cup
of coffee a day!
Want proof?
90-day money back guarantee!*


> No pharmaceuticals.
> No injections.
> No shakes.
> Non-transdermal.
Just a simple patch.

How it works

A simple story of how X39® Stem Cell Activation Advanced Technology Patches work.

‘The Sun Story’  When you are in the sun, the light from the sun signals the body to up Vitamin D production in your body. We all know that. Right? The X39® patch does not need the sun. We are 98.6 degrees on a cold day. We emit light and heat.

The light we emit is reflected off the X39® patch back into the body (the organic crystals in the X39® patch change the wavelength of the light in a process called photobiomodulation). The new ‘wavelength of light’ then signals the body to up the production of a copper peptide that has been proven to increase Stem Cell Activity and to reset your Stem Cells to a Younger, Healthier state.

As the newly active, younger, and healthier Stem Cells, the repair cells of the body, go to work you receive all the full-body health benefits of the X39® patch!

Wear Your Patch 12 hours on and 12 hours off to repair and rejuvenate. Then throw away the patch. Then Put a new patch on and repeat. You can wear more than one patch at a time. Drink Plenty of Water.

It is that simple and that complex!

Listen to testimonials from real people.


Benefits can be immediate! Unlike most products, LifeWave X39™ goes to work the minute you apply it.

. . . and so much more!

What to Expect

The First Few Days

4,000 Genes Begin to Reset

Within 24 hours the stem cell activation patch begins to reset 3,000-4,000 genes to a younger healthier state.

X39 elevates GHK Copper Peptide that initiates rapid repair of collagen in your body

“People using the stem cell patches will experience an immediate effect through the elevation of antioxidants and a decrease in inflammation and an increase in energy and joy.”

~ Melinda H. Connor, DD, November 2020

The First Few Days
Within 1 - 3 Months

Physical, Mental & Emotional Changes Occur

Activating your stem cells leads to cellular repair, regeneration and age reversal bringing you to optimal health on all levels.

A recent study has shown after six weeks X39 helped with brain regulation as shown on QEEG brain mapping. These types of changes help calm an overactive brain leading to a decrease in multiple symptoms such as memory, depression, anxiety, sleep and more.

Another study has show at six weeks the cardiovascular system began to act 2 months younger.

Even if you don’t immediately feel the effects, rest assured the new stem cells are attracted to the most pressing issues which you may not feel, such as an internal organ or tissue before helping something you feel.

Within 1 - 3 Months
Within 3-6 Months

Active Stem Cell Repair

The pluripotent stem cells turn into any type of cell your body needs for repair. Stem cells are what you body uses to replace and repair sick, dying or dysfunctional cells.

At this point your stem cells are now actively elevated.

Within 3-6 Months
Within 6 -12 Months

Reverse Aging

In a recent study, 14 out of 15 people lowered their biological age by an average of 8 years after just 6 months of using X39™.

~ David Schmidt, LA Convention, June 2020

Within 6 -12 Months

Start Your 90-day Stem Cell Reset

with a Silver Kit $299

Save $150 off retail pricing on 3 sleeves of X39 or up to 6 sleeves of your choice

One time purchase with no commitment.

We recommend a Silver Kit for 90 days of X39 to speed up your results which is when deep repair begins.

Additionally, we recommend monthly auto ship of (1) X39 sleeve, or 30 patches, to continue the deep repair that has started.

STEP 1: Select a Silver Kit or above to begin your 90-day Stem Cell Reset. This is discounted pricing and does not require a sign up fee, you are paying only for product, shipping and your state tax.

STEP 2: Fill out your personal info which includes choosing a username and password, enter your credit card information and scroll through the terms and agreements.

STEP 3: Brings you to the final page where you can review and complete your order.

STEP 4: Click the button below to place your order and begin your 90-day Stem Cell Reset

Please note that the Starter Kit option is information only and does not come with any product.

After I've ordered Lifewave Patches

When they arrive, open the box. There will be several sleeves of patches + a usage guide accompanying each patch.

  • Open x39 sleeve. Note each individual patch is labeled on the paper backing. 
  • Put x39 suggested on back of neck or below belly button for daily stem cell activation, but any spot on your body will do, so feel free to put on any pain point. 
  • Wear the patch 12 hrs to activate and then remove, discard &  leave off for 12 hrs. Apply a new patch daily.
  • Drink lots of water during the day.

You may experience a few days of detox which will dissipate  within a few days. . If you feel any discomfort at point of placement just remove and use on another spot for a few hrs. Also if you are allergic to latex attach patch to inside of clothing instead. 

See patching descriptions and placement guide here.


Yes all the Lifewave patches are designed to be worn together.

Yes all patches can be worn day or night. Those those patches that increase energy (x49 & energy Enhancer patches might keep you awake, so may be better during the day) 

Yes the patches are water proof.

After 12 hrs use can I remove and put on a pet? Yes the patches are good for anything with a cell. Animal or human. So after you use for 12 hrs you can put on your pet on spine is recommended or taped inside their collar. 

Though the patches are designed to be placed adhesive side to the skin. Most people wear directly on their skin. But if preferred you can stick on inside of your clothing and or sticky side toward a pet collar and will work fine.

If you have questions about billing, need ordering help, shipping or product concerns please call Lifewave Customer Service, click below to locate your customer service location:

Lifewave Global Customer Service

Are you ready to be repaired by nature's light?

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Disclaimer: Our patches are based on the theory of phototherapy.
The patches are not proven based on conventional medicine standards and should not be used in place of medical care.

What's in the patch?

Amino acids, salt and organic crystals. That’s it.

The organic crystals are embedded with proprietary and patented energy frequencies.

The patches are non-transdermal, do not interfere with any medications you are taking and nothing goes into your body. The patches simply reflect back inwards the wavelength of the light emitted from our body.

The process is photo biomodulation.