Healthy Living

We are spiritual and energetic beings.  Only 10% of us is physical. Looking at the physical symptoms and outward signs in the body can be useful, such as fingernail, tongue, and face analysis. Digging deeper with bioenergetic testing can reveal the things that are physical, emotional and spiritual stressors for us. Things that can cause dis-ease might include environmental toxins, trapped emotions, allergens, etc.  As part of testing we can also learn if the body is ready to detoxify or if energetic repair must happen first.  Think of your detox pathyways: bowels, kidneys, liver, lymph, and skin.  Are they balanced and open?  If you attempt to detox without having open pathways (I have personally experienced this) you will not make progress and will feel worse. Think of a garbage truck taking the trash to the dump outside the city, only to find that the road has been washed out or is blocked with snow or mudslide.  Let us help you unblock the roads and take out the trash.