Take Out the Trash Please!

Many of you have seen my Facebook video on the lymphatic system. I’d like to go into a little more detail of the function and ways to support your lymphatic system. Let me begin by stressing the importance of a healthy lymphatic system. When do you hear discussion of lymph nodes? It is often when someone has just received a C… diagnosis. I don’t even like to use the word because of the highly charged fear-based system that likes to use labels. The truth is, that organs of our lymphatic system and our immune system overlap in function when working properly to keep our bodies healthy and free of toxins and pathogens.
We will take a brief look at some of these organs: appendix, Peyers patches, spleen, thymus, and tonsils. These organs, along with our lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, and lymph fluid all work together to remove metabolic and other waste from our cells. As important as the circulatory system is for bringing in nutrients and oxygen to feed our cells, if the cells have no place to dump the cellular waste, there is no room to receive the necessities for life. The lymphatic system, considered by some to be an actual part of the circulatory system, has it’s own separate fluid. Lymphatic fluid is a lipid (fat) based fluid that serves to alkanize as it is transporting toxins. Wastes, toxins, and dead or damaged cells are transported to lymph nodes for destruction. Lymphatic fluid is much greater in volume than blood but does not have it’s own pump. It is an open ended system so we need to move our muscles to pump our lymph. 500-600 lymph nodes, located throughout the body contain lymphocytes which are manufactured in the spleen. You find clusters of lymph nodes especially in the groin, armpits and neck. You may notice when they are swollen or tender. This is the time to take extra pains to clean and support your lymph system. The lymph is eventually moved to the blood stream and filtered by the kidneys. The blood then returns fluid to the interstitial tissues where it is ready to receive more waste. There is involvement of the small intestine and liver in passing on the lipids for the lymphatic system. This is a somewhat simple explanation to show you how many body systems are interrelated and what you can do to help yourself.
The first step to improving function of your lymphatic system is to thin the lymph. Overeating, especially of processed foods, animal protein and dairy are all congesting to the lymphatic system and cause your lymph to become thick and difficult to flow. The best foods to thin your lymph are fruits. Believe it or not, you can live entirely on fruits. The great apes do, and we are very like them in our physiological nature: teeth, hands, brain, and digestive system. I always advise those who are sick to eat only fruit for a time to help the body to heal. Fasting is another helpful step in cleaning out the lymph. Keep an eye out for an article on fasting.
Exercise is the next step to moving your lymph. Our muscles are the pump of the lymphatic system. I will post a short video that will help you see how a simple 10 minutes movement session will help flush the toxins out of your cells. Bouncing on a rebounder or horseback riding are also excellent methods of moving that lymph. Ladies, take off your bra and let your breasts bounce for these methods. Take off your bra at night and “fluff” the breast tissue. This will help move the lymph in the underarm area, where it becomes especially stagnant from inactivity and restrictive undergarments.
Dry brushing and hot/cold therapy are also useful for moving lymph. A soft brush should be used on dry skin, starting at the feet and working toward the groin, where your lymph glands are clustered in “dumping stations”. The arms are then worked toward the armpits, and the neck, chest, back, and abdomen, in a light circular motion. Hot and cold compresses alternately placed on the base of the skull help with headaches due to lymph congestion in the brain. The temperature changes force movement of the lymph and allow the head to drain. This can also be done on a whole body level with hot baths and cold showers or a cold sheet. Whole body sessions can cause fluctuations in blood pressure, so use caution.
The importance of the kidneys properly filtering , so that your body is not forced to do all its lymphatic detoxification through the skin, cannot be overstated. Kidneys will be addressed in another article and I will show you how to check for proper filtration.
Hands on lymphatic movement with the XtractTM process is another excellent tool for training the lymphatic system to move properly. Look for a practitioner in your area: www.learnxtract.com/find-a-facilitator Although change is often noted in a single session, experiencing the XtractTM process for a recommended 6 sessions, helps retrain the lymphatic system to work more efficiently.
Two other amazing types of tools I use in my practice are herbs and vascular therapy. Since the lymphatic system can loosely be considered part of the circulatory system, the micro-circulatory benefits of this medical device can been seen throughout the body. It is a simple, painless 8 minute session to improve your circulation at the capillary level. Herbs are essentially food for the body. They support our bodies at the tissue level for healthy function. They are our go-to when the damage has been done by toxins or pathogens or weaknesses are passed on generationally. Genesis 1:29 “Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed…and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree…it shall be for meat” We use several blends of herbs which are beneficial for the lymphatic system and lymph nodes in particular. Chaparral, poke root, plantain leaf, cleavers, echinacea root, red root, white oak bark, prickly ash bark, wormwood, burdock, bayberry, mullein, red clover are just a few that we use for the lymphatic system.
Now that you have the knowledge and tools to get started, go take out the trash! If you need support and encouragement, please reach out.

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  1. You make the body come alive just with your description Dr Grace! I can grasp all that you are sharing as this fits together so simply. It’s inspiring to feel like we CAN do this and get our body on a more healthy path. Can’t wait to read your next entry.

  2. Thanks for an excellent description of the lymphatic system that explains it so understandably. I will share this will Bill. See you soon.

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