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Apple and Heart

You are what you eat

The food you put in your mouth is the fuel for your machine, good or bad. Making the right choices helps your body stay in balance and function properly.

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Green Palm Tree

Healthy Living

True health involves the body, mind, and spirit. Our practice includes help balancing all three areas for optimum wellness.

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Blue water droplet

Essential Oils

God's wellness plan includes natural plant materials like herbs and essential oils. All the components necessary for the body are contained in the plants He created.

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Who Am I?
Amanda is a mother of adult triplets and has a varied background in arts and sciences. She is a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine (American Naturopathic Medical Association) with an ND from Trinity School of Natural Health. Her training is in nutrition, herbs, flower essences, iridology, energy work, homeopathy, and face analysis among other things. Grace Full Wellness PMA is a private membership association for the purpose of conduction all manner of business with the natural living woman, Amanda Grace.  Add business of the Private Membership Association will remain in the private domain and will be afforded all the protections as guaranteed by the Constitution.  Any woman or persons wishing to conduct business with the natural living woman, Amanda Grace will be capable of conduction business as a member of the aforesaid Private Membership Association.  Please click here to join for free: